Write My Name by Injini

Jacob, Eloisa, Marcus and Sabrina, all have fun learning to write their names with Project Injini’s newest application. Developed by experts and endorsed by parents and teachers, Write My Name supports children ages 4 through 6 to learn how to write their name, trace uppercase and lowercase letters, and write over 100 familiar sight/Dolch words. With Injini’s tracing engine, children are given the support they need to learn how to write letters and words using the correct sequence and strokes without frustration or errors. Building motor-muscular memory is a key component to writing and children will enjoy developing their handwriting skills by playing Write My Name.

Write My Name Features

  • Meets some of the basic reading and writing Common Core State Standards for kindergarten such as the introduction and mastery of print and word recognition concepts
  • Create 36 custom name tags with your own pictures and recordings to personalize learning for your child
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Animations upon completion of each letter or word
  • Easy to navigate to promote independent learning
  • Uppercase and lowercase alphabet
  • 100+ common sight/Dolch words
  • Records student progress as word cards are completed
  • Fingerpaint mode shows completed letters in child’s own handwriting
  • Distraction-free: No advertisements or in-app purchases

How to Play
Embedded within a child’s beautiful wood desk space there are three activity areas that preschoolers and kindergarteners can explore as they practice and master writing their alphabet, name, and common sight words.

  • ABC alphabet book focuses on learning and tracing the individual uppercase or lowercase letters.
  • Word cards introduce over 100 common sight words where children trace words in uppercase or lowercase letters. Once the word is traced, the word card comes to life with vibrant colors and animations. Trace the word a second time and a star stamp is added to the student’s word journal. These rewards encourage children to keep progressing through all the words provided.
  • My Name allows parents and teachers to create up to 36 custom nametags, including the child’s name, with a picture for children to practice writing words or phrases that are especially meaningful for them.

Students with Special Needs
In the same tradition as Injini Game Suite and My First AAC, Project Injini was inspired to create Write My Name for children with special needs to help them practice emerging writing skills in a fun and playful way. Children with name writing as one of their IEP (individual education program) goals will especially benefit from the Write My Name learning application as it makes this task accessible and achievable to children with fine motor delays and sensory processing issues.